Do You Have The
Courage To Be
In Charge?
…or are you like most people too busy earning a
living, worrying about your job and dealing
with life to truly get ahead?
“PHOENIX, Arizona – Len Fuchs and John Nicholas, both former military officers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and consultants with over 50 years of combined leadership experience, joined forces to deal with the leadership crisis by writing, 'YOU'RE A LEADER– Now What? Knowing What To Do Next.' Their purpose is to mentor people to become more effective leaders using The Law of the Slight Edge that ultimately leads to greater job security, challenging assignments and higher income.”

Is this for you?

This book is for leaders with the ambition to get ahead and managers with the potential to become leaders. If you're neither, and would rather read than DO, then this may not be for you. Instead consider buying a copy for your more ambitious friends, family members and associates.

An offer you can't pass up, at a price you can't turn down

Your bookshelves are probably groaning under the collective weight of all of your library of self-improvement and leadership theoretical tomes and antiquated fables guaranteed to cure insomnia and collect dust (...maybe it even impresses others - "WOW! What a collection! You must be smart!").

But, be heartened - the last leadership book you'll ever need is now available (and at a price even a manager can afford). Just $12.95. However, do not confuse affordable with cheap. We believe it must be affordable to everyone with the desire to improve their situation.

(This is John speaking) Maybe you can relate to this story

Work all day (...maybe even around a bad boss) and often take work home. Then...mow the lawn…trim the bushes…change the filters throughout the house…clean the garage…gas the cars…grocery shop…run errands…and don't forget about helping little Jakey with a huge, complicated, meaningless project thrust upon him by some homework Ogre…and so the wheel turns as you continue running in place. You know, busy earning a living and dealing with the obligations of life. (Sound familiar?)

There's more to the story

What about the weekend? Isn’t that where you fantasize about being selected to work on a serious assignment to bring you leadership recognition and visibility? Wouldn’t that position you for the next level…with all of its rewards? So, get busy using that time to pursue your leadership improvement program (you do have one, don't you?).

But, that’s your only chance to catch up on the daily cares of life that you weren’t able to get to during the week. The results, notwithstanding your good intentions, are that you never quite get around to gaining the leadership knowledge you can immediately apply that positions you for the next level. Days into weeks. Weeks into months. Soon, years, hoping for a break (hope is not a plan – it’s a wish).

I say this from the heart, if you want to get ahead and enjoy job security, better assigments and ultimately higher income then improve your Leadership Skills!

Make no mistake, you're in competition with your associates
and they are all job proficient and talented

...the difference is in Leadership Skills. When competing, all things being equal, your demonstrated Leadership Skills will take you over the top. This book totally delivers on the secrets (ahh, the intrigue of that word) of HOW TO:

Define the type of leader you want to be and avoid becoming a composite of bad examples. (A self-conducted survey almost instantly does this for you.)
Motivate people to peak performance. (How to give and get recognition.)
Avoid the 7 deadliest mistakes leaders make. (Are you guilty of any?)
Delegate and Empower the right way. (Do you know the 6 step process?)
Manage your time to get the job done, and even gain an extra hour per day (...and have a life too).
Resolve conflict situations and turn them into positives that increases your stature. (They are "opportunities in overalls" if you know these 5 steps.)
Convert your "wish list" to realistic, practical and attainable goals. (It's ok to build castles in the sky, but know how to put foundations under them.)
Build trust above all else and make it work so others develop and maintain loyalty and respect for you (even when you mess up!)
Sharpen your negotiating skills with the simplest, yet most effective 3 step method you'll ever discover. (An honest no ploys or manipulation approach.)

Is the saying "Practice makes perfect" really true?

You've heard that old saying, I'm sure. But, it's not truly accurate. Here's what is: "Perfect practice, makes perfect." (Now we're getting somewhere.) In the final analysis it's vital that you choose the right way to practice leadership (or anything else for that matter) in order to get ahead.

What if...?

What if you barely had to change any of the daily cares of life you go through today and yet still be able to position yourself for the next level?

What if I could show you a Fast Track Plan to gaining all the skills you need to maintain the leadership edge that brings you that recognition and visibility that leads to the next level? (Caution: like anything else worthwhile in life, it will take some effort and discipline on your part to get started. But, once you do, and it’s minimal, you’ll begin to see immediate results.)

Here it is: The 20 x 10 x 5 Fast Track Plan:

• Order: YOU'RE A LEADER - Now What? Knowing What to do Next
• The day after receiving it, arise just 20 minutes earlier than usual
• During that time read just one chapter each day (there are 10)
• Each day go to work and find ways to apply the principles learned
• After the 10th day, relax, take a day off and reflect on all you've learned
• Then begin again starting at the very beginning
• Do this for 5 repetitions, then watch your leadership progress bloom

It works...and I'm sharing with you this powerful and successful method I've used for years (just change the numbers a bit and it will work for almost any discipline). It's the fastest system I've ever discovered that leads to:

Job Security
Serious Assignments
Upward Movement
Increased Income

Does the methodology look familiar?

I think you see how the numbers apply. Do you work out regularly at your health club or even on your own at home? Don’t you have a series of exercises where you do so many reps over a period of time? Doesn’t that require discipline that, if properly applied, does wonders for your body and general health?

But, what about your career health?

Why can’t you apply the same method and discipline, with the right leadership training source, that gives you leverage and gets healthier, wealthier results?

I know, lots of questions, but aren’t they the ones you need to answer if you truly want job security and forward motion? (I know, another question.)

What are others saying?

YOU'RE  A LEADER...Now What?

       Knowing What To Do Next

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Where's the relief, the light at the end of the tunnel? How do you get job security and move ahead in a tanking market with layoffs looming? The stark truth is: Job proficiency and talent are not enough - they must be anchored by Leadership Skills. Two Leadership Masters reveal their 10 Leadership acceleration secrets.

Excerpt from Press Release

Let me summarize what you'll get

You'll get over 140 pages of a lifetime of priceless experience organized, crystalized and distilled into 10 fast track, content-rich, rock-solid chapters, easily applicable, that has the power to transform you into a productive leadership force. It's the ultimate insider's guide on HOW TO practice leadership... the right way.

For those able to make immediate decisions click on blue button to order:

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Looking ahead, will it be the "same 'ol same 'ol?"

Imagine it's six months from now (how time will fly) or even a year from now. Will it be the "same 'ol same 'ol", or will you be conducting your career at a higher level (in accordance with your leadership improvement plan - which you do have - right?). Even if you know a lot, what is just one good idea worth to help you gain the advantage?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself
what makes you valuable?

Well, you might answer yourself that you know a lot. But then, so do most of your competitors. It's not the static possession of knowledge that makes you valuable, but the dynamic application...and it doesn't take all that much! (Should I repeat that or did it come across strongly enough here?) I was just like that - knew a lot. It wasn't until I discovered the Law of the Slight Edge, that I alluded to in the press release excerpt (AHA, now the real secret comes out) and put it to work for me, that my life began to change. Change for the better? You bet!

What is the Law of the Slight Edge?

"You don't have to be twice as good to be twice as successful!"

What can you learn from Olympic swimming races?

I love to watch the swimming venue in the Olympics, especially the 50 meter free style because I was on the swim team in school (and still swim laps regularly - and do my best thinking with my face under water). Answer this: What does the number one swimmer get? Gold! Right! Now, what does the number four swimmer get? Nothing, nada, goose egg! (Maybe just the glory of having been there - but, rarely can you take that to the bank.) What's the difference in their times? Maybe 100ths of a second. But, just by being only slightly better the number one swimmer gets endorsement contracts and his face on a Wheaties box. The number four swimmer (less than a second behind) gets his face on - well, nowhere I've seen.

How fair is that?

I can't give you an answer. That's how the world was when I got here. So, I've learned to deal with it. It wasn't until discovering the Law of the Slight Edge that things opened up in life. Rarely did I win gold, though. But, I was almost always on the platform when the music played. You don't have to win gold all the time, but you do have to place. How? Burn this rule into your brain: "Better to be just 1% better in 100 areas than 100% better in just one area."

You get what I never had and always wanted: One Source

You got my 20x10x5 fast track secret shared with you way earlier in our conversation. I used my experience, education, bruises, scars and voracious appetite for reading, taking risks and seeking out mentors to finally develop it over the years. But I was always missing something.

Going forward, oh how I wished for just one source I could take with me (that fit in my brief case, in my cargo pants pocket, in my jacket), that I could regularly use as a reference guide. Never found one! So, I decide to write one in collaberation (two heads being better than one) with my good friend and associate Len Fuchs (former Marine Corps Colonel) as a legacy to give back for all my blessings. You now have the benefit of the fast track method coupled with the book, the key to it all, in just one source.

Why not be praised and admired?

Imagine the pride when you can announce to your family and friends "I just got a promotion!" or "...a great assignment!" or "...a big raise!" or "...major recognition!" (maybe all of those rewards).

Can anyone promise you success?

No one can ethically promise you success because they don't know your diligence or motivation. But, what we do know is that the right leadership information applied in the right way will change your life for the better.

When do you plan to invest in your future?

How about now!



             To your success,

Len Fuchs and John Nicholas
Authors: YOU'RE A LEADER...Now What?

P.S. Remember what you're getting... the ultimate insider's guide that could lead you to job security, better assignments and higher income.

P.P.S. You’re really only a slight edge away from a better career and life right now.
All you have to do is take the step to unlock these pertinent, proven and powerful
leadership skills
(for less than the price of a good lunch)
and then let them work
for you. All the best to you in the coming years!


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